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Add Powerful Flavor to Your Drinks with the Cordials We Sell

Cordials and Liqueurs Are Good on the Rocks and in Mixed Drinks

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Dozens and dozens of cordials and liqueurs are on the market today.
At Bombadil's we have seen the number of available cordials multiply rapidly during the past three decades. Not only do people want to sip brandy, creme de menthe, and schnaps on the rocks. In recent years, adults have developed a taste for cordials mixed with vodka and other liquor. Many cordials and liqueurs are used in popular mixed drinks such as White Russians, "bombs," and the growing list of specialty martinis. 

Bombadil's shelves are filled with the brand names of cordials people have trusted for years. There are new products that people are eager to try, too, so we'll get them in our store as quickly as we can. For example, one novelty item that came out in 2010 is a flavored alcoholic cream topping (think of it on a frozen daiquiri or coffee drink). There are five flavors, including chocolate. 

Bombadil's has everything you need to make the delicious drinks you tried and loved at restaurants and bars. You'll be the perfect host or hostess in no time!
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Cordials Are Important Ingredients in Everybody's Favorite Mixed Drinks
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